Our spa provides Sauna bath, steam bath for private and group, massage also available and it has to be booked in advance. The sauna is a reliable method to improve your mood. Staying in the sauna offers to all a relaxing time. Steam bath stimulates the metabolism, cleanses the skin, relaxes and refreshes the body.

We offer the following type of massages:

  • Aroma (whole body)
  • Deep tissue massage (whole body)
  • Hot stone massage (whole body)
  • Swedish Massage

We are planning to start morocco bath in the very near future.


  • Fast & Powerful Massage (20Min)
  • Swedish Massage (45 Min / 1 Hour / 3 Hour)
  • Hot stone massage (1:30 Hour)
  • Private SPA Couple (2 Hours)
  • Private SPA Couple (2 Hours) & 20 Minutes Massage
  • Steam & Sauna (2 Hours)
  • Private SPA 3-4 Persons (2 Hours)

You can book by phone:
Tel: (011-618-86-23)


You can use the package as the following combination:

  • Gym+ Spa or Swimming +SPA.
  • Gym + Swimming
  • Gym+ Spa + Swimming

Saunas can be booked by phone:
Tel: (011-618-86-23)